Delhi to Nepal by Road : In a Day!

Riding to Nepal always fascinates everyone, for a simple reason that it is across the border. However, Nepal is easier to reach than you may think.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that it can easily be a long weekend ride without any hassles. Indo-Nepal is an open border for Indians, which means you neither have to worry about visa nor the passport.

India to Nepal @Transformerz

The image below shows the points through which you can enter Nepal with your own vehicle.

Inda Nepal Border @Transformerz

Here is the list of all the borders with names of Indian and corresponding Nepal towns.

1. Banbasa - Uttarkhand | Mahendranagar, Gaddachauki - Nepal

2. Mohana - Uttar Pradesh | Dhangadi - Nepal

3. Rupaidiya - Uttar Pradesh | Nepalgunj - Nepal

4. Sunauli - Uttar Pradesh | Belahiya - Nepal

5. Raxual - Bihar | Birgunj - Nepal

6. Pani Tanki - West Bengal | Kakarbhitta- Nepal

Let us now tell you, how Delhi - Nepal can be done in a day!

Out of all the six bor