Humein Rajasthan Kuch Aisa Dikha ~

Noida ~ Alwar ~ Sariska ~ Jaipur ~ Pushkar ~ Jodhpur ~ Jaisalmer ~

5 Days / 2200Kms. Day 1 - Noida to Pushkar

Noida to Pushkar via Alwar

It was a thursday morning, but not a usual working day. It was a special one, as we were excited and all set for a ride to Royal Rajasthan. We've had an affair with Rajasthan ever since we first went on our honeymoon ride to Udaipur and Mount Abu in Feb, 2015.

We, slept well and left at 6 in the morning, it was chilly but we were well prepared.

The first few kilometers were crucial as this was the first time we were riding on Eva ( Kawasaki Versys 650 ) with almost 15kgs+ of luggage on our custom built luggage rack. We crossed delhi and checked the luggage for any displacement, it was all good and we moved on, doing 100-110kmph.

We were set off with high spirits and with no traffic during early hours it felt heavenly, we covered the first 100 kms in just 1hr 10 mins.

It was dusk and we saw hues of rays from a distant and we loved gazing sunrise and sunsets. The mist from the dawn started clearing. The dew, on the leaves was sparkling.

There were fields on either side and a road straight as an arrow to Alwar. Off track, you may think but, we always choose the route which is more scenic and less crowded. We are on vacation and no distance is far on our new stallion, Eva.

As, we approached Alwar we decided to have breakfast in the city and as always we headed to the Kachori point, the guy who serves delicious hot kachoris dipped in aloo ki subji. There are times when we ride to Alwar just to have these Kachoris. It is a must have, if you are in Alwar. We were adhering to our vague schedule and decided to take a longer road via Sariska.

Sariska, is a Tiger Reserve. So, riding through the reserve was both tempting and scary. We saw langoors on the road, nilgai and some wild pigs and a lot of peacocks chit chatting with their folks. On reaching Jaipur we stopped for another short break. Pushkar was now just 150 kms. We wanted to meet riders residing in Jaipur, but being a working day everybody was occupied.

The Jaipur-Ajmer is also mind blowing to any adrenaline junkie, 180 Degrees of mountains in your sight and 6 lane highway with minimal traffic.