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Worried about your visibility at night or on a foggy winter morning ?? 

We have the perfect solution for you, Wireless helmet indicators.

Wireless Helmet Indicator

₹2,750.00 Regular Price
₹2,500.00Sale Price
  • The wireless transmitter connects to the indicators and uses bike's battery as a power source. The wireless 8 LED panel, can be pasted at the back of your helmet, it is powered by normal disposable AAA batteries, when the panel is turned on, it reciprocates the behaviour of turn lights of the bike and brake light.

    > The receiver is provided with eight high-brightness LED light beads, wherein the two yellow light beads on the left are left turn lights, the two yellow light beads on the right are right turn lights, the four red light beads in the middle are brake signal lights

    > The receiver is provided with one key switch , particularly a on-nigh light-off one - key switch

    > The emitter and the receiver have code matching function used when the receiver or the emitter needs changing, long press the key of the receiver for 5 seconds, all the signal lights of the receiver flash and enter the cod matching state, press the brake lever of the motorcycle to brake, and finish the code matching when the brake signal lights on the receiver lights up

    >The receiver is powered by two AAA batteries with average service life of about one mouth , install the batteries at the bottom of the receiver.

    Size: 150 x 30 x 20mm

    Package weight: 100g

    Compatible with ANY bike, fairly easy to connect. Comes with wiring instructions.

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