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90% On-Road, 10% Off-Road


Any one who rides an Adventure bike or a dual sport motorcycle as they are called now days will be familiar with the Michelin Anakee range.


Well, there is nothing familiar with the new Michelin Anakee 3 in look or make up. Probably the most obvious thing is that you have never seen anything like it in a dual sport tyre. Michelin Motorcycle Tyres have managed once again to create that feeling of 'shock and awe' when it comes to innovation and design. The Anakee 3 is full of unique tread patterns and ground breaking tracking. The grooves are cut in an asymmetrical way with rectangular detents interspersed along the deep sipes. This interruption of the sipe gives several edges in the tread which in turn help to grip and break up dirt. The product of this, is to gain traction but also helps with the evacuation if dirt and mud. Every other groove extends to the edge of the tyre, providing that much needed edge grip without disturbing the flat portion used on the street. On closer inspection, each groove has what looks like teeth along the inside edge of the slice, further aiding grip and evacuation. Michelin claims better grip in all conditions, wet, dirt, and asphalt, as well as a longer tread life.



Available Sizes:


90/90-21 54V

120/70-19 58W

150/70R17 69V
170/60R17 72V





** Prices are inclusive of taxes, excludes shipping cost, it will be charged at actual as per your location.

* Prices are subject to change in govt. taxes and without prior notice.

Michelin Anakee 3

  • Performance that lasts mile after mile

    • New silica tread compound yields even more mileage compared to Michelin Anakee 2 tires
    • Innovative tread pattern inhibits irregular wear patterns, while evacuating water, dirt and mud

    Enhanced ride qualities

    • Tire architecture engineered for easy maneuverability and precise handling
    • Excellent stability and rider feedback, thanks to a new high-rigidity casing

    Excellent wet traction

    • Innovative silica tread compounds offer the best balance between grip and durability
    • Distinctive tread pattern pulls water away from the contact patch
  • Please confirm availability before placing the order.

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