70% On-Road, 30% Off-Road


The Metzeler Karoo 3 tires are a new concept of Adventure and Enduro On/Off tires dedicated to off-road expeditions and featuring both off-road traction and on-road stability with excellent mileage. Specifically engineered for medium to large displacement bikes that spend time both on and off road, these 70% street / 30% off-road tires offer off-road traction and stability on road with excellent mileage.



Available Sizes:




90/90 - 21 M/C 54R M+S TL

110/80 - 19 M/C 59R M+S TL

120/70 R 19 M/C 60T M+S TL




130/80 - 17 M/C 65R M+S TL

140/80 - 17 M/C 69R M+S TL

150/70 - 17 M/C 69R M+S TL

170/60 R 17 M/C 72T M+S TL

140/80 - 18 M/C 70R M+S TL

150/70 - 18 M/C 70R M+S TL





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Metzeler Karoo 3

Tyre Size / Set
    • Improved off-road traction and handling
    • 30% more mileage than its predecessor
    • Cutting edge tread design lends to improved performance
    • Suitable for both light and heavy Enduro bikes
    • New tread compounds capable of obtaining a more uniform mix which in turn provides mechanical resistance to lacerations while still maintaining high dampening capability
    • Trapezoidal tread pattern has an innovative geometry which ensures progressive off road traction at various lean angles