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50% Road, 50% Off Road


A true "50/50" dual sport tire, the Heidenau K60 Scout tyre brings a proven balance of performance on- and off-road. With an improved tread and compound, the Heidenau K60 Scout dual sport tires deliver better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement, while delivering off-road as well.


The "chevron" style tread pattern is similar to full knobby designs which provides lots of open space between the tread blocks to route sand, mud and water from the contact patch while constantly keeping some rubber in contact with the road as the tire rotates. This tire is a stand-out as it does not sacrifice on-road longevity and adhesion to the pavement for off-road traction. A difficult feat for any tire to accomplish.


  • TL = Tubeless
  • TT = Tube Type Tire


Note: The K60 Scout tread pattern will vary depending on tire size. 170/60B17 has a wider flat center tread as depicted in the 2nd image.


Available Tyre Size:




  90/90-21 54T TL

  90/90-21 54T TT 

100/90-19 57H TL

110/80-19 59T TL

120/70-19 60T TL




130/80-17 65T TL

150/70-17 69T TL

150/70-18 70T TL

170/60-17 72T TL




** Prices are inclusive of taxes, excludes shipping cost, it will be charged at actual as per your location.

* Prices are subject to change in govt. taxes and without prior notice.

Heidenau Scout K60 Dual Sport Tires

  • •  The K60 tread-pattern is optimized for specific tire sizes.
    •  Utilizes a “chevron” style tread pattern similar to full knobby design.
    •  Directs sand, mud and water through open space between the tread blocks.
    •  Delivers excellent cornering stability and wet weather grip on asphalt.
    •  Known for good longevity and balanced on-road/off-road performance.


    Construction: Bias Belted or Bias Ply (depending on size)

  • Please confirm availability, before placing the order.

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