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Denali D7 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Kit 


At over 15,000 lumens, the DENALI D7 light kit is one of the brightest LED lights under 4.5 inches period. A pair of D7s feature 14 high-intensity, 10-watt LEDs that are focused through a proprietary single-piece optic specifically engineered to create a full bodied spot beam that can reach over 1500ft at an intensity of 1.0 lux. A pair of D7s will outshine 14 D2 lights and produces more than twice the light output of the D4. Not only are the new D7s incredibly bright, but they're strong, too. The robust heatsink and Active Thermal Management work together to keep this high-powered lamp cool enough to maintain maximum light output when you need it most. 


Because the new D7 has so much power, there's no need for a selection of optics. The standard optic set benefits from the raw power of this array to have best-in-class spot coverage at a distance, perfect for picking out wildlife way beyond the range of your motorcycle's normal high beam. With lumens to spare, the D7's optics were designed to preserve a near-flood-beam pattern, resulting in an amazingly wide (200ft) beam that helps illuminate the sides of the road. In a way, the combination of incredible intensity and optics that are neither too distance-focused or flood-oriented is the best of both worlds. 

In other ways, the D7 lights follow DENALI's reputation for innovative features. The D7 features DENALI’s DataDim™ Technology, which enables the lights to be upgraded in seconds to dual intensity by connecting a plug-n-play DataDim™ Controller that will automatically switch the lights between half and full intensity with your vehicle's original high beam switch. 


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Denali D7 2.0 TriOptic LED Light Kit

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  • Features:

    • (7) 10 watt Cree XPL HI LEDs per lamp
    • 15330 lumens total
    • Clear polycarbonate impact-resistant spot / flood combination lens
    • Integrated cooling fins
    • Durable black powder coated finish
    • Low profile hinge mount
    • Stainless steel mounting hardware kit
    • Waterproof illuminated switch with 7/8" and 1" handlebar mounts
    • 4.4" diameter x 3.9" L
    • 10 amp draw total
    • Sold as a pair 
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