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40% On-Road, 60% Off-Road


The choice of the GlobeTrotters !!


The Continental TKC-80 “Twinduro” was designed and developed as a competition off-road tire for heavy off-road/enduro bikes. It was developed in collaboration with Richard Schalber. In case you aren’t aware of Richard Shalber, he holds multiple world championships in Enduro and Motocross, finished fifth in the Paris-Dakar, has raced virtually every brand of motorcycle and has spent the last several years as a consultant for all the major motorcycle manufacturers. With Schalbers input, the TKC-80 was designed to offer good self-cleaning, high levels of grip and good directional control on soft terrain.


The TKC-80 has been the OEM tire for the BMW GS1200-Adventure and has proven itself in many world events, including the Paris-Dakar rally itself. These features have made it Contis second best selling tire in North America.


But the TKC-80 was only available in dirt-bike sizes. 18" and 21" size fronts and narrow-width rears, meaning if you were on any of the non-traditional off-road bikes, you were limited to road-going tires only.




Available Sizes:




3.00x21 51T TT

4.00x8 64T TL

 90/90-21 54T TL

100/90-19 57T TL

110/80R19 59V TL

120/70ZR17 58W TL

120/70R19 60V TL




130/80-17 65T TL

140/80-17 69Q TL

150/70B17 69Q TL

170/60B17 72Q TL




** Prices are inclusive of taxes, excludes shipping cost, it will be charged at actual as per your location.

* Prices are subject to change in govt. taxes and without prior notice.

Continental TKC80 Twinduro

    • 40% on-road and 60% offroad
    • Compound and wide block tread pattern deliver optimal on and offroad grip and performance
    • Excellent braking and traction on a wide range of surfaces from loose to hard pack
    • High cornering stability on soft terrain
    • Good self-cleaning properties
    • TL=Tubeless
    • TT=Tube Type Tires
  • Please confirm availability before placing the order.

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