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Clearwater Lights Auxiliary LED - Darla (Pair)


Clearwater Lights™ Darla lights are high powered, fully adjustable LED lights that provide longer life and lower power consumption than other light systems. With a housing only 2" in diameter, we have packed over 2000 lumens into each light while utilizing only 24 watts. Hundreds of available mounting options mean these lights can be used on a wide variety of vehicles. Whether in traffic or on the trail, our Darla lights will make you more visible to other drivers while illuminating your route at night.

You won't believe how bright these lights are, they are surely going to turn heads!


Which option to Buy -


  • D Jr. - Darla Junior, no dimmer, no brackets (V2.0)
  • D100 - HD Sportster (except 48), Dynaglide (pre-06), 8mm 602b Bracket Fender Mount. (V2.0)
  • D101 - HD Dynaglide (06+) (except Switchback), 8mm 602b Bracket Fender Mount. (V2.0)
  • D102 - HD Soft Tail (except Duece, Springer, Breakout), Switchback, 8mm 602b Bracket Fender Mount. (V2.0)
  • D103 - HD Touring (pre-14), 603b - Drilled out to 5/16" Fender Mount. (V2.0)
  • D104 - HD Touring (15+) (HD5), 8mm 602b Bracket fender Mount. (V2.0) 
  • D105 - Indian Chieftain/Road Master. 8mm 602b Bracket Fender Mount (V2.0)
  • D106 - Indian Scout. 8mm 602b Bracket Fender Mount (V2.0)
  • D2 - Universal kit 602 Bracket Fender Mount (V2.0)
  • D31 - BMW K1200S, K1300S, K1200GT, K1200R, K1300GT 631 Bracket Fender Mount(V2.0)
  • D40 - BMW R1200GSA, with Fog Light option, includes dimmer and plug and play harness. 604 Bracket Fog Light Replacement (V2.0) 
  • D41 - BMW R Nine T, S1000RR, S1000R. 611 Bracket Fender Mount (V2.0)
  • D50 - BMW R1200GSW /GSAW, R1200RTW w/WonderWheel. 658 Bracket Fork Clamp Mount Includes CANopener3 (V2.0) (B58)
  • D51 - BMW R1200GSW /GSAW, R1200RTW w/WonderWheel. 25mm - 1' crash bar mount. Includes CANopener3 (V2.0)
  • D51b - BMW R1200GSAW w/WonderWheel. 19-20mm crash bar mount. Includes CANopener3 (V2.0)
  • D51c - BMW R1200GSAW w/WonderWheel. 21-22mm crash bar mount. Includes CANopener3 (V2.0)
  • D54 - BMW R1200GSW /GSAW, R1200RTW w/out WonderWheel. 625,616 Bracket Crash Bar Mount Includes CANopener3 (V2.0)


** Prices are inclusive of taxes, excludes shipping cost, it will be charged at actual as per your location.

* Prices are subject to change in govt. taxes and without prior notice.


    • 24 watts consumption each (on high)
    • 2" diameter
    • 2000+ lumens each
    • 7 ounces
    • Fully adjustable
    • CNC billet housing

    Universal kit includes:

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