Givi Sat Nav Holder (and Smart Phones)  The smart phone holder easily fits to majority of motorcycles and to some scooters, since it can be mounted to tubular handlebars through the robust supports with which it is equipped. It comes with a quick release system and rain cover.

Givi Sat Nav Holder and Smart Phones

    • Internal Dimension: 13.9 cm long x 9.0 cm high
    • Window Dimension: 11.2 cm long x 6.7cm high
    • Power supply explained Use the GIVI power supply system to charge and run your mobile phone or sat nav on the go.
    • The GIVI S112 power connector fits directly on the handlebar of your motorcycle and can charge/run a single device such as a mobile phone or sat nav.
    • This power connector needs to be installed combined with the GIVI S110 12V outlet socket.
    • Select the power supply feature above to add to your sat nav holder purchase.
  • Imported on order, usually dispatched within 15 - 20 business days.