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AIR FILTER MAINTENANCE COMBO KIT is the convenient way to clean and oil your foam or fabric air filter with ease. The 2 pack contains: AIR FILTER CLEANER aerosol spray and FAB-1 spray-on air filter oil. AIR FILTER CLEANER is a heavy-duty emulsion-type cleaner designed to thoroughly clean air filters without damaging foam cells, paper or glue. AIR FILTER CLEANER will remove oil and dirt from air filter elements and easily washes out with water. FAB-1 spray-on synthetic air filter oil provides unequaled protection against the elements. FAB-1’s time proven formula will not plug foam cells or migrate off of filters. FAB-1’s protective coating catches dirt and fine dust  without restricting airflow. Water-resistant.



    • Conveniently packaged
    • Easily and effectively cleans and re-oils filters
    • Safe for foam and fabric filters



    ** Prices are inclusive of taxes, excludes shipping cost, it will be charged at actual as per your location.

    * Prices are subject to change in govt. taxes and without prior notice.

    Maxima Air Filter Cleaner & Oil Spray

    • Use when a dirty filter is ready to be cleaned and re-oiled. Clean air filter with Air Filter Cleaner then re-apply oil with Fab-1 . Always follow the instructions of each product before application. 

    • Please check stock availability, before placing an order in urgency.


      3-5 days if the item is in stock.


      For items, not in stock, delivery time is 20-25 days from the date of order.


      For expedite shipping pls contact us, +918527782111.

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